Trails of Bandhavgarh


Trails of Bandhavgarh

Co-Founder & Director

As a young curious mind, my photographer dad took me under his wing and together we pursued the art of capturing the moment. Nothing was too ordinary or too distorted to commit to film. Taking his lead I learnt to create a world where the still came to life, told stories and became my language. With time, my focus zoomed into the art of moving images and with that started a new journey in itself. – Akshay.

The man with the vision & a dream - the mastermind behind Outwoods, Akshay Rajput is likely to saunter in; lean, slender and well tailored, whose manner might be described as studiously charming. A man with many layers, the more you get to know him the more amazed you will be, comes across easily approachable. He is the man with the good heart and brain of a genius entrepreneur. Standing tall and proud as the reclusive leader of our expedition metamorphoses, the quintessential, Akshay Rajput, takes command of Outwoods, finding that fine and splendiferous balance between glorifying luxury & wilderness.

Carrying a mind full of knowledge about the wild, he thrills you with fascinating stories of adventurous encounters with the unpredictable predators of the wild, and inspires you to imprint on your own work, transforming your love for the art into an adventure of a lifetime! Equipped with a comprehensive understanding of the forest dynamics and using his camera as his sketchbook, Akshay is at a constant hunger and awe for the wild & everything it has to offer him as he becomes one with nature.

After twenty odd years of lugging his prized though cumbersome equipment; he has channelized his evocative art form into a hidden fourth dimension that makes his work come alive. Harping upon his ongoing love affair with the wilderness for over six years and delving into the depths of his medium, this seemingly reticent guy transforms into a fireball of passion as he guides you through your impending tryst with wild. Akshay, to us, is nothing less than unique, determined and a classic mentor of true stature.

Co-Founder & Director

"You could simply define me as someone who is a steely determined and passionate person and always inclined to take up new adventures and challenges that come my way" – Shikha.

Vibrant, confident and self-assured with strides to match; firebrand Shikha dazzles you with her tantalizing smile and the glint in her eyes. With more than 16 years of comprehensive experience in international sales mostly in diamond jewelry industry, her conversion from the "corporate" to the "wild" is a fascinating tale on its own. With an extensive trot across the globe, panning from South to North America, to Europe, to Asia and Middle East; this highly motivated and entrepreneurial dashing young woman is the mastermind behind Outwoods and your regular "go to person".

Spirited with an insatiable thirst for the thrill of adventure, she navigates the office environment and manages the home front with equal élan, loosens her straight jacket intermittently be it skydiving in New Zealand or cheering the Indian cricket team with zealous gusto. Forever inclined to take on new ventures, she took to photography like fish to water and discovered her latent passion a few years back. She has covered tremendous ground within a short span; and mastered the art to challenge even the pros.

Creative Head

"I am in an never-ending love affair with the world. I simply survive on Wanderlust! Photography & writing came to me as an immense passion but I was born to travel! It's only when I travel do I find myself and hence I choose to be forever on the road."
– Prachi.

Prachi is a travel & food lover and an adventure enthusiast who thrives on exploring everything the world has to offer. She is a people's person whose biggest aphrodisiac lies in studying new cultures and constantly encountering new people & experiences. Blended with many contrasting shades, she loves her solitude and yet can be the life of any party. Through her words & images, Prachi stands to be Outwoods Voice and Right-Brain as it's sole creative!

Being an absolute adventure freak and a complete water-baby, Prachi finds her peace amidst oceans and serene landscapes. This spiritual, free-spirited and charming gal is a true optimist who can make any situation turn into an advantage and knows the right way to lighten up any tense situation. Being an award-winning photographer & teacher, she's your guide through creative enhancing and visual awareness.

Travel & Production Consultant

"While growing up I have traveled to various locations across the country. That is where my passion for traveling & events was born. I am a believer of learn by doing. For me events and entertainment is what I eat, sleep, and breathe. My satisfaction lies in a customer satisfaction." – Abhimanyu

The self-effacing, diligent and friendly - Abhimanyu is your comfort guy! From making sure all you famished customers get your meals on time after an action-packed day, to organizing Outwoods exotic daily events, to making your day more interesting, Abhimanyu, single handedly takes charge to being, the man behind all the transport and logistics management. Being meticulous and indefatigable he stands to be the team's problem-solver! From vendor management, sourcing licenses and permissions to location management, he makes sure that Outwoods happens, in all those serene locations that we choose to make your vacation thrilling & full of adventure.

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